One of the reasons why em believe Skin Care is so unique is our founder, Joanne Nguyen, had a direct hand in formulating and creating each one of our products.

Ms. Nguyen originally formulated the em believe line as she was battling breast cancer. She was really struggling with her diagnosis and treatment, so she prayed to God and asked Him, “What do I do?” That’s when she had the vision for em believe, which totally revitalized her and helped her feel beautiful again. Her own transformation was so powerful that she made it her life’s mission to help other women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. This passion for helping her clients feel amazing is what ultimately helped her overcome adversity and create the amazingly effective line of em believe Skin Care products.

The first time Ms. Nguyen set foot in the United States was in 1992 when she emigrated from Viet Nam.

She was completely overwhelmed by her new environment and the culture shock that came from such a drastic change, including learning a completely new language, but she was also determined to succeed in her new home. She applied her passion for skin care and helping other women feel beautiful and earned six degrees in cosmetology, skin care, and cosmetic tattooing.


Ms. Nguyen eventually worked up to owning her own full-service salon in Hawaii, but she always felt she could be doing something more to help her clients.

She attended a skin care course in Los Angeles led by an international cosmetology expert who also had her own brand of cosmetics. This course was the initial spark that lead Ms. Nguyen to start formulating what would become the em believe Skin Care line.

A breast cancer diagnosis also had a tremendous impact on how em believe Skin Care products were formulated.

Ms. Nguyen received her diagnosis in October of 2016, which completely sapped her of the passion she once had. She wanted to resign herself to her fate, but then she thought of her children, which gave her the resolve she needed to fight for her life. It was difficult for the successful salon owner to deal with the cosmetic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, like hair loss and dull, sallow skin.

Get back your confidence with glowing, younger-looking skin thanks to em believe!

The em believe line was originally brought to market because of the amazing results that Ms. Nguyen experienced as she began to use the skin care products she created during her cancer treatment.

Looking better on the outside helped her feel better on the inside, giving her confidence and helping her feel more like her own self. After seeing her results, a friend urged her to join a beauty pageant, which Ms. Nguyen went on to win, all thanks to the em believe Skin Care products.

em believe Skin Care is the result of an answered prayer and over four years of Ms. Nguyen’s research into creating the best, most effective skin care products in the world.

As she underwent treatment for her breast cancer, Ms. Nguyen also turned her attention to finding the best natural ingredients for her em believe line so her customers wouldn’t be exposing themselves to harmful chemicals. She worked closely with her laboratory to make sure that em believe Skin Care would be one of the premiere lines on the market, and that it would provide her customers with best-of-market results, too.


Faith has also played a large part in Ms. Nguyen’s professional success and the creation of em believe.

A devout Catholic, Ms. Nguyen firmly believes that God has lent a hand in helping her develop the em believe Skin Care line, and the formulation of skin care products that have been so transformative for so many women. That’s why Ms. Nguyen is fully committed to donating 10% of the profits from the sales of em believe to charities that work to make the world a better place. She wants to pass down the blessings she has been given so others may benefit, too.


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